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Abstract Submission
21-June-2019, 11:59pm AOE
28-June-2019, 11:59pm AOE(Extended)

Paper Submission
28-June-2019, 11:59pm AOE
7-July-2019, 11:59pm AOE(Extended)



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37th IEEE International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD'19)

Rob Aitken

Arm Fellow and technology lead for Arm Research

Title: Innovation after Moore's Law


Abstract: Gordon Moore observed decades ago that the number of circuits that can be placed on a computer chip doubles every two years. His observation, dubbed Moore's Law, has served the electronics industry well, allowing a steady stream of products with better features, performance and cost, but over the last few years delays in release of new manufacturing technologies, skyrocketing chip development costs, along with rapidly approaching physical limits, show that progress is definitely slowing, and may be stopping. While this may seem worrisome to technologists and designers who have spent their entire careers riding the productivity wave that Moore's Law created, it simultaneously opens up exciting opportunities for innovation in chip design, architecture and manufacturing. These opportunities can in turn lead to even more exciting new products. This talk looks at the current state of chip technology, how we got here, and most importantly where we might go next.





Rob Aitken is an Arm Fellow and technology lead for Arm Research. He is responsible for technology direction of Arm research, including identifying disruptive technologies, monitoring the global technology landscape, and coordinating research efforts within and outside of Arm. His role includes developing strategic relationships with universities, consortia, and other key participants in the global research community. His research interests include emerging technologies, memory design, design for variability, resilient computing, and statistical design. He has published over 80 technical papers on a wide range of topics including impacts of technology scaling, statistics of memory bit cell variability and the use of static current monitoring as a circuit testing and diagnostic mechanism. He holds over 30 US patents. Dr. Aitken joined Arm as part of its acquisition of Artisan Components in 2004. Prior to Artisan, he worked at Agilent and HP. He has given keynote addresses, tutorials and short courses at conferences and universities worldwide. He holds a Ph.D. from McGill University in Canada. Dr. Aitken is an IEEE Fellow, and served as General Chair for the 2019 Design Automation Conference.