The 31st IEEE International Conference on Computer Design 

October 6-9, 2013

Asheville, NC, USA

The IEEE International Conference on Computer Design encompasses a wide range of topics in the research, design, and implementation of computer systems and their components. ICCD’s multi-disciplinary emphasis provides an ideal environment for developers and researchers to discuss practical and theoretical work covering systems and applications, computer architecture, verification and test, design tools and methodologies, circuit design, and technology.
The theme for ICCD 2013 is:

The Next 30 Years

ICCD has been a venue for publication and discussion of innovative ideas since 1983.  After looking back to admire our progress, let’s now focus on the trends, technologies, and opportunities for the next thirty years, and beyond. Submitted papers consistent with this theme are encouraged.  

Keynote Speakers

Arvind, MIT

Jason Cong, UCLA

Mark Hempstead, Drexel

Rajesh K. Gupta, UCSD

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